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Saturday, July 5, 2014

1499. Find seldom-used accounts and reset passwords

I know that I've signed up for a bunch of accounts at all sorts of online services over the years. Because of this Heartbleed bug thing, I'd like to be able to close some of the accounts, and reset passwords in others. How can I track all of the various accounts that I don't remember signing up for?

I'm going to try not to be smug here but I have been using LastPass as my password manager and it provided me with a list of all of the sites effected by the Heartbleed security bug. Which was a bug that all of the sites used to secure your connection as you log in.

If you are not using LastPass though there is a easy way to this. In your email client or on the web do a search for "confirm your email". It's amazing on how many sites use that same set of words to confirm your email address. Then you get a list of all of your emails you got back and use that a s a list to work through to change passwords or close accounts.

This is a time consuming process but it doesn't require much brain power so you can probably do it while watching TV or eating dinner or something. I will confess that I have spent many hours the past few weeks doing exdactly this. It has been very productive but a little dull.

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