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Saturday, July 5, 2014

1500. Wireless iPhone Charging

I have a smart phone and I'm sort of interested in wireless charging options. Is there a standard for this? How can it work with a phone that doesn't normally support it?

We are all really tired about carrying around wires to charge things and wouldn't it be great if there was one single standard if you could just drop your phone onto some sort of platform and it would automatically charge,

The fact is over time there have been numbers of different standards and they are kind of centering in on some that may eventually win.

As a matter of fact Starbucks have been putting in wireless charging stations in some of their stores. This is a program going across the country and it uses powermats from Duracell. So if you buy into that standard everything is great and some phones already support this internally.

But you can easily buy a case that surrounds your iPhone or other phone and allows it to charge by just dropping the phone on this Powermat. 

There are other conflicting standards one called IQI (pronounced I-CHI) and they provide cases and other device so cases to drop them onto a chargibg stand so you don't have to plug them in or carry a wire.

But until thisd settles out I;m not sure I want to buy into a standard. At this point it looks like Starbucks is working hard to make the Duracell Powermat become the defacto standard.

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