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Saturday, July 5, 2014

1501. Clearing Windows Hard Drive Space

My Windows hard drive is filling up, and Windows seems to run slower and slower. Do you have any suggestions for how I can safely clear out some hard drive space?

It's true. Windows requires some space to do its housekeeping tasks and as your hard drive fills up Windowes gets very slow.  

You need to keep at least 10% of your hard drive free so Windows can do its work. There are tricks you can follow to clean off space from your hard drive but you can't just delete big files because Windows may need those.

I found an article recently that you can go through so you can safely clear space off your hard drive. See below. 

Another tools that is useful and is mentioned below is program called Windirstat and it's free. You can download it and it shows you exactly what files are on your hard drive and comparatively shows their sizes. Some you can look for the big ones wasting space and get rid of them.  

But be careful because you can't delete Windows file because Windows won't run.

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