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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1508. Rebuilt Mac OS X Recovery Partition

On my Mac, I was playing around with Disk Utility, and stupidly removed my OS X recovery partition. Can I recreate the Recovery Partition?

It would be fun to tease you and tell you no you can't possibly re-create that recovery partition and basically you are in big trouble. But that is not the case.

As a Mac user you need that recovery partition because you need them for recovering your hard drive should something go wrong. It'sd also used for other features like "Find my Mac".

You can re-create it yourself. It's kind of a pain but we have a link on our website which takes you to a site which includes a script you can run which recreates it for you. And that's a lot easier.

So yes you do need the recovery partition. It lakes some things work. And iy's easy to re-create with the right tools. Check out the link below.

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