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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1514. Windows Mobility Center

Often when I first open my laptop in a new location there are a bunch of settings I want to changethe screen brightness or the volume, or some wIfI SETTINGS, Is there some single utiliY that allows me to change all of these settings at once.\?

Ken it sounds like you are not a Windows Mobility Center guru. If you are using Windows 8.1 it is about time to start using WMC.

The core system allows you to instant access to fom 6-12 settings that would otherwise require you to click through the Control Panel, System Tray and other places. These settings include speaker volume, display brightness, battery status, wireless network status, external display connection  settings, external display and presentation settings.

One way to get to it is to right button on the start button (yes Ken start button is actually used to do some things in Windows 8.1 contrary to some belief that the start button is no longer used.  Another way is to use the E|Windows key + S and start to type Mobility  Select Windows Mobility Center and you now have the power of Windows 8.1.  Each block allows you to adjust settings like brightness, volume and other from one central location.  Must faster that any way in Windows 7. 

There are ways to customize what functions that are available in the Center.  OEM's can add tiles to it that are directly used to show off their features.  

So if people would stop complaining about not having a start menu and start using the new tools they may find that some change is good.  

Check out our links for more information on WMC Windows mOBILITY cENTER.

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