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Sunday, August 10, 2014

1515. Different Folder Views

Folder Views in Windows 
I have a folder full of photos on my computer, and when I open that folder, all I see is a list of file names. A friend recently showed me her photos, and when she opened the folder, she saw a large thumbnail of each image. I’d love to see my photos in the folder that same way, so I don’t have to open each one individually to determine what it is. How can I change my display of images so it displays large thumbnail images instead of just file names? 
Each time you open a folder in Windows, the operating system “guesses” how you want the content displayed, based on previous choices you have made for that folder, default settings for all folders, and what it finds in the folder. You can override Windows’ “guessing” by telling it exactly how you want the contents of a specific folder displayed. 
To specify how you would like an individual folder’s contents to be displayed, open the folder in Windows Explorer, and then right-click on any white space in the folder’s display. In the context menu, select View. You’ll see a list of options, and you can select from items like Content, Details, Small Icons, and Large Icons. Select Extra Large Icons to see the largest thumbnails of your images, but give all the options a try so you can see how each View option affects the display of your images.
If you want to modify View options for all folders, open Control Panel, and find the Folder Options applet. Here, on the View tab, you can specify options for all folders. You can always override these settings for any specific folder (as described in the previous paragraph), but for overall settings, this is the place to go. If you try things out and decide to put them back the way they were, select the Restore Defaults button. For more information, check out this link:

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