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Friday, December 12, 2014

1520. Moving to a Mac.

I’ve always used a Windows computer, but my office uses only Mac computers, and I’d like to make the switch now. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to make it work. Do you have any suggestions?
Honestly, Mac OS X and Windows are awfully similar in many respects, as far as end users are concerned. They’re both windowing operating systems that allow you to run multiple concurrent desktop applications, browse the Web, and run business and creative applications as well as games and other applications. The devil is, of course, in the details. While they both have the same intent, they handle pretty much everything slightly differently. Microsoft Office on Windows is similar to Microsoft Office on a Mac, but they’re different enough to confuse lots of people. Even simple things, like finding files and moving them from one place to another feel different on a Mac than on a Windows PC.

Ken made this transition pretty much fulltime around 8 years ago (he still uses Windows for work, and runs it in a virtual machine on his Mac—a topic for a different day), and found the transition a little slow at the start. He found a series of books by New York Times author David Pogue to be helpful in making the transition, however. His books, “Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual” (one for each version of Mac OS X) are well written, and make it easy to switch. You can find the most current version on at this link: Ken uses a Mac daily for all his computing needs (except for work, still on Windows) and Doug uses a Mac reluctantly—your move shouldn’t be a crisis, as long as you take the time to take the computer skills you’ve already learned, and apply them to the slightly different Mac OS X operating system. You can do it!,

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