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Friday, December 12, 2014

1522. Close unwanted online accounts

Close Unwanted Online Accounts

Over the years, I’ve set up a bunch of online accounts, and I don’t use a many of those. I’d like to close some of these accounts, but don’t even know where to start. Is there some way to do this in an organized fashion?
We’re with you on this: It’s so easy to sign up for an account on so many sites, and it’s easy to lose track of them. Occasionally, we get emails from sites we don’t even remember registering on, and we’d like to close those accounts and remove our information from the site. You would think Web sites would make this easy, but very few do.
Say, for example, imagine that you realize it’s time to finally close down that MySpace account you created in 1997. (Yes, unbelievably, you can still browse to and find new content. We had no idea.) You can go to the site and look for a link to click that will delete your account, but it’s hard to find (if possible at all—we didn’t try). Rather than struggle with searching for the link, we’ve got a tip for you—check out the useful site This site can help you delete your account on hundreds of other sites, including myspace, FaceBook, Gmail, and more. In addition to the sites for which can help you remove your profile, it maintains a “black list” of sites where they’re unable to help you. For easiest use, use the sites list of All Sites—the black sites are ones where you cannot remove your account info; the grey sites are ones where you must call on the phone to remove your account into, and the white sites are ones where you can remove your account online. We’ve had good luck in our tests with—give it a try if you have a site you’d like to divorce.

(And, not to be morbid, but this site provides a useful tool after a loved one has moved on to the great Web afterlife. Given the task of closing accounts for a lost loved one can be daunting, and can make the task slightly easier.)

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