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Friday, December 12, 2014

1524. Getting past Cryptolocker

I heard about the CryptoLocker malware that encrypts all the files on a computer and then demands ransom money in order to decrypt them. Is there some way around paying this horrible fee?

It never fails to surprise me on how awful people can be. And yes there are some malware that you can download to your computer that will encrypt every file on your computer and yes they then ask for money.  A large sum of money so they can decrypt those files. And yes if you give them the money they will decrypt the files.

But why would you do this? The simple solution is keep a backup of your computer. An image backup. This backup will allow you to say HAHAHA I don't care and just install your backup.  

There are tools like Acronis True Image that allow you to take backups of your entire computer so you can work around this horrible encryption.

If you haven't done that there are a couple of options.
1. Look for a tool to install before you get the malware t guard against it. But that doesn't help because who is pay money for a tool to protect you from the malware before you get bitten by it.

Interesting enough I read about a site that you can send one of the encrypted files the malware has bitten and they will use that file to generate a decription key to help you decrypt your files. Check out

So if you get bitten by this there is a way out without paying their fee. So before you cough up the money go to

The easiest solutions is the have an image backup.

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