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Friday, December 12, 2014

1526. Backing up Password

We have talked a lot about using password managers like LastPass or DashLane. Some people do it only if he can have a hard copy of the passwords that he can store in a safe. Can he do this?

I understand his concern. All of the password managers have a master password that they will not save. They do not allow you to reset your password like most websites allow. If you forget your password manager password you cannot get into your passwords. 

If you are using the feature to generate passwords you really have no way to even guess at your passwords for the websites. Most of the password manager’s like Lastpass and Dashlane will allow you to export a list of your passwords. Are you giving up the security you now obtained by using the password manager? Yes you are giving up some protection. 

But if the option is to not use a password manager unless you have a hard copy, then I recommend it so as long as you do not keep the list on your computer or the back of your hand. Print it out or put it on a thumb drive and store them in your safe. Yes you should have a safe. And yes use a password manager. Protect your electronic world.

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