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Friday, December 12, 2014

1530. Recycle old printers

Stacy told me she had an opportunity to get a new printer. She has offered to give me her old Dell printer. Do I want to do this? 

My first answer is no. Well all my answers to this would be NO.

This has nothing to do with Dell. It is the printer market. We all know these new printers will do everything including copying, printing, scanning and faxing and the prices are far too low to get all these features.

The reason why is the manufacturers are making all their money from repairs and selling ink cartridges. Newer printers are still low in cost and they can print and some will print money and make coffee.

The older printers do not always keep up with the print drivers for the new operating systems and certainly not the advanced functions of the printer.

So don't spend the time with the old printer. Get the new printer for very little money that supports the new features and operating systems.

Most of your devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android are also supported by the new printers. The new printers will usually support a network WiFi connection so you yu can locate your printer anywhere you have WiFi access. No Wires.

Soon someone will invent wireless power and life will be perfect.

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