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Friday, December 12, 2014

1537. Remove previous recipients in Mac Mail.

Using Mac Mail, I want to delete old email addresses that keep popping up every time I type a person's name in to the To field. I can't figure out how to remove old email addresses from the list. Can you help?

I couldn't agree more and this could be really irritating. You send an em ail to a person once and now the email address appears in the suggested list of two every time you write an email to someone whose name starts with the same first letter.

It's not obvious how to remove the name from the list. Goodness knows I've tried delete, right clicking on things. The trick is awfully obscure.

You have to actually select the name you don't want in your email address then there is a little arrow that appears next to it in Mac mail. Click that little arrow, there is a drop down menu appears land there is an option to remove that name from the list of recipients. Then the next time it will not appear. The trick you have to select it once from the list so you can remove it. Who thought of this?

It works for me in OS X 10.9.. It may work in earlier versions but it does work in later versions. 

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