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Friday, December 12, 2014

1539. UNDO text iPhone

You know whats making me crazy today? Things make me crazy alot, but this one today. I was typing message and I wanted to undo something I typed or I deleted a message and wanted to undo the deletion. I can't find an undo key on my iPhone. Is there some thing I am missing?

Undo Link 

I have had an iPhone on and off for more than 4 years and I continue to marvel at everything it can do. Besides of course making a phone call. And I am not just talking about Email and other smart apps.  

There are many little tricks and tips that I am finding out about the iPhone. The one that Ken has brought up a need for is one I use a lot now. Since I am the worst typist in the world and the small keyboard has not make it easier the UNDO trick has become very useful.  

If you start typing and find you have just created the worst sentence ever constructed all you need to do is shake the iPhone and up will pop the UNDO option. Just select UNDO or cancel. UNDO removes the previous mess you typed. Cancel just continues like the shaking was a mistake.  

You can UNDO multiple levels, and REDO multiple levels. So give this a try and see if this tip gives you additional text writing capability. This feature seems to work in most applications.

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