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Friday, December 12, 2014

1543. Override default browser

I know it would be nice if all of the web browsers had the same functionaliy but they don't. Sometime I want to browse to a page that just won't render correctly in internet explorer which is my default browser. Is there some way to override opening the default browser to some other browser like Chrome instead?

Right click on the link and choose Copy Link and paste in the other browser URL.  

Lately you need to use more than one broswer. It seems like you always run into some error when rendering a web site. Have access to other browsers is required. But how can you change the default browser when click on an embeedded link? Well you can right button click on the link and copy it and then open the other browser and past it in the URL. I always have a shortcut to the Other browsers available for easy access on the desktop.

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