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Friday, December 12, 2014

1545. Verify Google Account Devices and Activity

1545 I've heard a lot about securing email accounts carefully, and to be honest, I use my Gmail account for a lot of logins on various computers, phones and tablets. Is there some way to see which devices are logged into my Google account, to verify that no one has logged in except me?

It does seem that recently there has been a change to the way applications and service allow you to login. It used to be that you had to have a different password and user name for every service.

But now a lot of them allow you to use public authentication email like Yahoo or Google to log into there service.  Faceook does that.  I refuse to use my facebook credentials anywhere.  But I do use my Gmail credentials.

Google has recently made it easy to see devices are logged into your account.  So you can see that you have logged into a specific service using your phone and you logged in using your Gmail credentials.

Use the link below to check to see who is using your Gmail account and credentials.

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