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Sunday, December 14, 2014

1555. What's that Clutter Folder in Office 365?

I use Office 365 for my email.  And recently I noticed a new folder called Clutter.  Where did it come from?  Can I use it?  And what is it used for?

If you are an Office 365 business user you have probably seen this Clutter folder. I was confused at first because it didn't seem to do anything and Microsoft never told me about this folder. I started to do some basic searches and finnally have some basic understanding.  

It is like the SPAM/Junk mail but what goes into clutter is not the stuff you don't want at all. It is the stuff you just want to be separated from the more important things. You need to access your Office 365 account using the browser and Outlook Web Access and turn on Clutter. Now as you start to deal with mail in your Inbox, Clutter will learn about how you organize things and what is important and what can wait.  

When you start you can also move messages to clutter. As you do this Clutter will learn and start to move mail there automatically. If you find something in Clutter you need to pay better attention to move it to your Inbox.  

As you continue to use it clutter will get smarter. I have started to use the Clutter feature. My feelings are not yet convinced this will work for me. I will keep using Clutter to give it a chance and I will update the TIP as I do.  
If you have Clutter email send your feelings to and let us know.

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