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Saturday, January 31, 2015

1562 Data Plans - Is there something new? For less money?

Data Plans - check to see if there is a new plan is better for your needs.

I found this out the hard way. I got the typical voice notification message from my AT&T provider that I was about to go over my data limit on 1 of the company cell phones. So I decided to give myself some heartburn and call AT&T to make sure this was a real problem.  

I called them and started to complain that I was paying about $140 per month for two smartphones and I was getting very little data transfer.

They looked at my bill and noticed that there was a new plan available, it costs about $50 less per month with more data transfer. I got everything I had in the old plan plus additional data transfer, and it didn't require me to extend the contract and it costs less..

How could this be? A true happy new year from the wireless Telephone provider.

All I can say is look over your current plan and make sure you need the plan you are on, think about what else you may want and give your mobile phone company a call. It just may make your day. I have more service and it saves me about $50+ per month.

More features, less money. Hurrah!