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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1558. Try out Windows 10 for free.

I'd like to try out Windows 10 now, but I read in your newspaper column how I shouldn't do this on my real computer. I only have one computer. Do I have any options?

The easiest solution would be to just go out and buy a disposable computer, they’re pretty cheap these days, but for those of us who don’t have excess money to throw around there is a cheap, actually free solution. 

At this point, Windows 10 is available for free for download and you can use what is called a virtual machine to allow you to run Windows 10 on your current computer while you are still running your current operating system. This works both on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. There is a program called Virtualbox, its free, you download it and install it and then it allows you to install another operating system on your current computer while your current operating system is running.

 It’s basically like having two computers running at once, at the same time, on the same computer. It’s pretty exciting stuff and it’s free. We’ll have a link on our website for more information about getting Windows 10 for free and installing Virtualbox.

Tree Windows for Free.

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