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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1559. Manually Create OS X recovery partition.

My Mac installation is having some trouble, and I'd like to restore it to its default settings. I tried to use the Recovery Partition to do this by holding down Command+R when I boot, but apparently, I don't have a Recovery Partition. Am I out of luck? Is there any way to create a Recovery Partition now?

When you first get a new Mac, you will find that there is a portion of your hard drive set aside for recovery it’s called the “Recovery Partition” and it should be there on any modern Mac. 

On the other hand, through upgrades from one operating system to another or if you manage to format your entire hard drive it’s possible to lose that recovery partition. Luckily there is some software that you can purchase, it’s not very expensive, that allows you to create a recovery partition on an existing hard drive. 

That way if you need to recover your computer, you can just press Command R at boot time and this software will step in and give you the option to recover your computer over the internet or from the original CD’s or DVD’s if you have them. Check out our website for more information on this tool to recreate the Recover Partition.

Recovery Partition.

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