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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1561. Extend Mac Laptop Screen to iPad

I use my iPad a lot when I'm away from my desk, but it recently occurred to me that it would make an excellent second monitor for my laptop when it's sitting there doing nothing when I'm working at my desk. Is there some way to hook the iPad up as a second or third screen for my laptop? This would be especially helpful when I'm travelling.

A few years ago you and I both discovered a wireless solution that allows you to hook your iPad up to your Windows machine or a Mac as a second monitor. It works great for shoving for example, your email window off to a second screen while you are trying to work on a laptop with limited screen real estate so you can be watching your email or your Twitter feed while you are trying to do real work. 

The problem with the wireless solution was it was very jerky and not very responsive and neither one of us was happy with the solution. A couple of ex-Apple engineers went off and formed their own company and they solved this problem in a better way. The application is called Duet, it runs on the Mac and on the iPad and it allows you to hook up a wired iPad using a USB connection and this gives you actual full speed activity on your iPad as a second monitor. 

This is very responsive, it plays video okay and I’ve been using it and have been very happy with the results. Check out the Duet app for Mac and iPad. 

It doesn’t help for Windows users, but if you have a Mac it’s a great way to use your iPad as a second monitor at your desk or while traveling.  

Duet app

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