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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1563. Pandora on Windows 8

How can I make Pandora work better on Windows 8?

I have heard people are having issues with Windows 8 and Pandora. If you are trying to get Pandora to install as a Modern APP in Windows 8 then that is a big problem. There is no Pandora app at this time that runs under the Modern applications of Windows 8. There was a program called MetroRadio that evidently worked but Pandora claimed some infringement and you get an "Error loading Song" message.

However when I am at the Desktop I can go to IE browser and open up the Pandora web site and play everything at the desktop. I can start up other standard Windows programs or Modern apps and Pandora keeps on playing my songs.  

If you want the Pandora browser application to continue playing you need to make sure your power settings that you have selected will allow Pandora to continue playing.

You do NOT want the system to Go To Sleep. or Power Off, Go through the Power settings and review all of them for common sense. Don't turn off multi-media, things like that. It would be a good idea to create a custom power setting for "Playing Pandora". When done you can go back to your standard setting.

We have attached a number of links on the blog that you can follow and see if these help.under Windows 8.1.

One of the options allows you to ADD an application called Bluestats that will allow you to run Android applications. This seems like an interesting techtip in the future.

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