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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1568. Really Clean a Hard Drive Before Donating a Computer

I use my iPad a lot when I'm away from my desk, but it recently occurred to me that it would make an excellent second monitor for my laptop when it's sitting there doing nothing when I'm working at my desk. Is there some way to hook the iPad up as a second or third screen for my laptop? This would be especially helpful when I'm travelling.

If we are talking about a device that only uses memory like a phone or tablet it’s pretty easy to just to reset the device and hand it off to someone else, all of your data is gone. On the other hand, if you have a spinning hard drive or solid state drive you need to take extra steps to ensure that everything is gone. 

Deleting your data clearly doesn't actually delete the data, it just marks files for deletion and even formatting the hard drive doesn't completely remove your data. There are tools that will use industrial strength scrubbers to get rid of all of the data on your hard drive so you can be sure that no one can get at that data.

We found applications both for Mac and for Windows and we have included links to the ones we think are the best on our website. Make sure to check those out if you are about to give away a hard drive or a computer. Of course another alternative is to use a big hammer or a really serious magnet to demagnetize your hard drive but actually removing the data on purpose is a better solution.   

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