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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1570. Use Android's Priority Mode

I have an Android phone, and can't figure out how to silence notifications while I'm sleeping--I keep waking up because my friends keep texting me during the night. What can I do?

I’m guessing this is a hypothetical question because I’m not sure how many friends that you have that want to text you late at night. 

But in any case, we've discussed this feature on iPhones previously, it’s new in the latest version of the Android operating system 5.0 or Lollipop. In that version there is a feature that allows you to set a priority mode to only allow notifications in from certain people at certain times. You can decide to let notifications through from certain people or from no one or from everyone in a certain time range. That way you can get your sleep. 

I actually wonder if you might be better off just putting your phone outside your bedroom at night. But, this is something I've told many teenagers and they just laugh at me. So in any case if you don’t wish to be bothered, check out Android’s priority mode but it does require the latest version at this point which is Lollipop version 5.   

More on Priority Mode.

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