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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1574. Run Android Apps on Windows

You know I may be more geiky than most, but I would love to run some Android applications on my Windows computer. Is there some trick to make this possible?

The first question is maybe why should I run Androids apps on my Windows computer. Well you might notice that Pandora has not until recently worked on as an application on Windows. So if you like that application and want to carry over the features of it to your Windows computer you need to get Android applications to run on Windows.

The first thing you need to do is install BlueStacks. Bluestacks is an application that allows your to run Android apps on windows.

So download and install Bluestacks. Make sure it is running and then download and install Pandora. Or for that matter most any Android applications.

This is not something that the faint of heart would want to do, but it is something that has some great benefits and on a snowy afternoon it may just be something you want to do.

Visit ouw techtipguys web site and we have all of the links to make this happen.

Install Bluestacks

Install and run Pandora on Windows.

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