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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1576. Reasons Why Not to Post Photos on Facebook

Why should I be concerned about showing pictures in FACEBOOK?

I have heard many different stories about this and the best and most current information is "always be concerned about anything you post anywhere on the internet". This includes Facebook, blogs, and any pictures you upload.

My first choice is to remove all my concerns by turning the Geo location information off on all of my cameras.

For my iPhone Settings>General>Reset>Reset Location & Privacy. Then launch the Camera App, select "Don't Allow" when prompted. You can also turn this off: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Off.

I have heard that Facebook will strip this information from all pictures uploaded.  I would not trust this to anyone.  Remove the data yourself.  Facebook protection.

As a recap

1. Turn off Geo information on your phone.
2. Check any photes you upload to make sure there is no Geo data.
3.If any remove it.

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