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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1577. Solve Mysterious Outlook Email Problems

Over the years I have experienced problems with Outlook and my email. Mari complained that her email was always "syncing spam " with her Outlook 2013 program. She uses Google Business mail to host her email account.

At first I thought this was just a performance issue with Shari's internet connection being slow. That with the fact that she had two computers with Outlook and an iPhone all trying to actually syncronize the mail.

Her email is hosted by GMail bu siness and their way of creating Email labels and folders was also a concern. I was sure this combination was causing the problems.  

As it turns out it seems to be a simple bug related to the Outlook Mail "Profile". When you start Outlook and set up your email address(s), a file is created called the Outlook Profile. If you go to the Control Panel, and find the Mail icon and open it, you will be able to look at, create, change the mail profiles. You can create different profiles that allow you to open different mail accounts on the same computer.  

But back to the immediate problem. All I had to do was to create a new Mail Profile. All of the account information is the same but for whatever reason the Original Mail Profile was causing the problem.  

When reflecting on this problem I remembered this computer was a replacement for another computer (Windows XP and the new computer is a Windows 7). I used the Windows Upgrade utility (Easy Transfer) to move everything from the XP to the Windows 7 system.  

This ends up copying all of the documents and other user files but the Mail setup intsructions as well. The other thing I remembered was the original Outlook on the XP machine was Outlook 2007.  

So when I recreated the Profile all was good. The sync problem is gone.

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