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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1578. Drying a Wet Phone

Friend got water on his iPhone, What to do?

I suggest immediately:

1. shut it off immediately!!!!
2. remove all things covering so it can get air, covers, charger, phone cozy's
3. Empty it out. shake blow dry. a hair drier will help.

Everyone has heard to try rice. I don't believe that would dry the dampness out but things have been tried like silica gel, cat litter or rice if that is all you have may work. Can't hurt and it may save you $600. A food dehydrator is likely to help. Remember that $350 food dehydrator you bought in the 90's that was going to keep your beef jerky for years. Well this might help to recover some of that money.  

What you are trying to do is to dry out any water before the electronics is turned on to use or charge the phone.  

Remember if you don't have insurance the warranty doesn't cover taking your phone swimming with you.

You do not want to plug it into the charger to soon. You want to get the phone as dry as possible as soon as possible.

It doesn't hurt to try these suggestions. It is one thing to splash water another dropping in the fish bowl.

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