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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1579. Browsing on iPad Returns to Home Screen

A friend was using their iPad and suddenly while in Safari the iPad flickers and they now only see their home screen. This happens without touching anything. What can they do?

This particular problem was on an older Apple device but strange things like this can happen on your Android and your Windows and Mac computers. Sometimes you get a strange result and it is a bug in the operating system having low memory errors.

This person's solution was to double click the Home button and a list of all of the programs that were started since the last time the device was shut down appeared. All that they needed to do was select each application they wanted to stop by pressing the minus sign next to the application's icon. Remember this should not be something you should have to do.

Most of the time a problem will be directly related to the application. But if not it is much more difficult to resolve.

There are apps that try to help you decide what application is causing the problem. But I don't think we should waste our time trying to decide what application to stop. Sure as heck I would stop the wrong thing and I will no longer get my mail or the appointment reminder will not beep and I miss my next appointment.

If you continue to have these types of problems I would call the manufacturer and report the problem. Try to find a solution in the blogs that may identify the application that you may use that causes the same problem you have.

My final advise is to restart the device. The problem will most likely not appear again. If it does you may have to contact the manufacturer.  

So help.

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