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Friday, April 17, 2015

1585. Edit Microsoft Office Documents Online

I don’t have Microsoft Office installed on my home computer but I sometimes need to be able to create and edit documents. Is there some free way to do that?

Although a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 which allows you to create and work on documents locally is only a small amount of money per month, we understand that not everyone wants to pay that amount of money. 

Microsoft understands this too and provided for free the Microsoft Office online tools. Using these tools you can get most of the features of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point without paying a penny and it’s all available on line for free. You can’t do everything you would do with the local applications but most people don’t need to. If you don’t want to use Microsoft’s products there are other tools you can use as well including OpenOffice and a few other free office clones.  We have information about these tools with a link on our website, Check it out if you want to work with office documents online for free.

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