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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1586. Dealing with Microsoft Accout Password vs Email Password

I am really confused about my Windows password and my email password. I use my email account to log into Windows but when I use that same password to log into my email it doesn't work. It's as if they are two different accounts. What's going on here?

Well they are two different accounts. Your are just using the one user ID for accessing two different systems.  

With the introduction of Windows 8 this password thing has become even more confusing. If you have a Windows 8 computer or if you have gone to the Windows store you have a new user ID very much like your Apple credentials to access your account at the Apple store. 

But Microsoft has added some new things like that same user that you have to access the Microsoft store can be used to log into your Windows 8 computer. This is a nice feature so if you are logged onto your computer you are automatically able to access the MS store.

If Microsoft is hosting your email using Office 365, then that account can also be used to log into your computer.

You could then change the password at the Store and not change the email password. Now you have two different passwords for the same userID. I recommend if you change one accounts password you change the other. 

All of this gives me more justification to strongly recommend having a good password manager.

But another approach is to have a website you can go to and reset your Microsoft account., but remember to log into your email and change that password.

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