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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

1591. Control Playback Speed in Windows Media Player

I have been tasked with transcribing some audio files. I know there are tols that can make this go faster but I found that doing it myself was actually easier. On the other hand the person speaking is speaking way to fast for me to keep up. Is there some way using Windows meadia player to slow down the output so I can type at the same speed that she is talking?

Finally Ken an easy one.

I thought at first when I heard this was a tip about the Windows Media Player this would be the shortest minute techtip yet.  How long could it take to talk about the Windows Media Player.  After all it has a start, stop, reverse. Not very much to it.  But then I started to read on everything the Media Player will do,

There is the icon that looks like 4 small squares.  This pops you into two modes.  It is called switch to Now Playing or switch to library.  In the Now playing mode you can right click on open space and chose Enhancements and Play Speed.  A graph will pop up and their you can adjust the speed of the file so now you can transcribe the file without having to always back up.  

There are many other feature like the Graphic Equalizer, There are features like Rip files and much more.  Ken you are so into music I am surprised you haven't said much about this.  Of course you probably would use the Mac to do all of this.  

For the amount of music talent I have I think the Windows Media Player will keep me busy.

Easy to transcribe.

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