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Sunday, May 17, 2015

1593. Removing Web Ads?

I’m suddenly seeing a ton of ads interspersed through most of my webpages that I visit. They all seem to be based on recent Google searches I made or things I purchased on line. Is my computer haunted, how can I get rid of these ads?

A lot of the questions we ask and answer here are based on our own experiences and this has been driving me crazy. I’ll buy something on and then see it advertised on every webpage I visit and those ads look like part of the webpage so you click in them by accident and you find yourself totally in the wrong place. There is an answer however. All modern browsers support the concept of add-ins or plug-ins that modify their behavior. There is a plug-in or two available for every modern browser called Adblock or another one called Adblock Plus and they both do basically the same thing and that is blocking ads from appearing from within the browser as you look at webpages. You will need to enable add-ins or plug-ins and you will need to install the Adblock or Adblock Plus plug-in. Once you have done that the ads no longer appear. You will need to look at the documentation for your browser to see how to add plug-ins to the browser but if you are using anything like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera you can use the Adblock or Adblock Plus plug-in. For more information see the link on our website.

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