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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1598. Stop Making Accidental Smartphone Calls?

You know this happens to me all of the time and if you say it doesn't happen to you I don't believe you. Oh I see you called. Why did you call me? And I don't have a recollection of them calling.

Some people call these butt calls, I call them pocket calls. How can I avoid doing that so I don't embarrass myself again?

Ken, I am not sure I can help you to not embarrass yourself again. But stopping you from making butt calls maybe.

I know you have an iPhone, so getting the Android application called "Call Confirm" for $.99 that requires a confirmation step to call won't work for you.

iPhones - No luck. The closest I found was Call Guard, a $0.99 app that does the opposite--preventing you from hanging up on someone during a call. Not sure I understand.  How can you end a call?  OK that's $.99 I won't spend.

iPhone you can minimize making butt calls by doing one of the following.
1. After a call is made simply hang-up and then click the power button.  Yes you have to actually click another button.
2. Click the Voicemail key on lower-right.  Worse that happens you pick up a voicemail.  
3. If the calls are not right after a call was made and are at random, you can set the pass code so after a short time the phone will be locked.

See our link on the web site for more details.

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