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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1601. Clipboard Managers for Windows

I know we have spoken previously about clip board manages for Macs, but does the same thing apply to Windows?

When I work in Windows I often want to keep a list of items I want to paste and I need to go back and get something I pasted previously and paste again. I need a clip board manager for Windows. Can you point me at some?

I struggled with this problem for years. Always wanted to do multiple pastes of copied items. Finally installed one of the products and am very glad I did.

Ditto, Yankee Clipper III, xNeat Clipboard Manager.

Ditto does everything. It has history of current session, search, groupings, you can save items across multiple boots, and you can sync these copies across multiple computers. I found the options a little overwhelming, offering far more than I will ever need.
Yank Clipper III Gives you ability to save items across boots, print items, have the list stay at the top of your window and more.

xNeat Clipboard Manager has the basics. Copy, Paste, up to 99 items.

I like all three. You only need 1 probably. Go to our site and follow the link to look at all three.

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