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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1604. Scientific and Programmer Calculators on the Mac

I need a scientific calculator on my Mac and I prefer not to have to buy an application. The built-in calculator application is awfully wimpy. What do you suggest?
Yes, at face value the built-in calculator application on the Mac looks similar to something you might get for two dollars from your local drug store. But the fact is, it has a lot more power than what you see by default. If you look at the View menu, you will find that it also supports Scientific and Programmer’s calculators, and you can switch between modes either by using the menu or by pressing Cmd+1, Cmd+2, or Cmd+3 keyboard shortcuts for each of the various modes.
In addition, if you are stuck in 1977 and need reverse Polish notation, you can get that on the calculator as well. We haven’t needed RPN since, well, forever, so this isn’t a big feature for us, but maybe you love it. It’s there.

Although the Mac’s calculator looks like a little simple application, the built-in calculator app on the Mac is full featured and precludes the need for purchasing a 3rd-party product.  

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