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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1608. Plug-in Power Chime on Mac

When I plug in my iPhone or iPad, the device makes a little chiming noise so I know I just gave it power. I would love it if my MacBook Air did the same thing when I plugged it in. Is there a setting somewhere that could make this happen?
We agree—there is something comforting about that chime; when you hear it, you know you have successfully plugged in the device, and you know it’s charging away. This is such a common request that it has become the default behavior on the new, super-thin MacBook released in 2015. When you plug in that little computer, it chimes, so you know you did the deed.
Ken recently wanted the same behavior on his MacBook Pro, and so he did some research. He wasn’t alone in his search, and found a number of articles describing how to enable this feature, even though it’s not the default behavior of any older Macs, and there’s no obvious setting in the user interface of OS X to enable it.
In order to enable the chime, you must use the Terminal application (that is, the command line application that communicates directly with the operating system). This can be a little scary for first-time users, but if you follow the instructions in the following article, everything should seem simple:

In essence, turning on the power connection chime involves copying and pasting a single line of text and then pressing Return in the Terminal application. Clearly, backing up your computer before you attempt this change is a good idea, but because there’s very little chance you could possibly do any damage of any kind, it’s not essential. (The worst that might happen is that you type the command wrong, or paste only a portion of it—in that case, the command simply won’t work.) The article listed previously shows you how to enable the feature, and also how to disable it later if you find you don’t like it. Check out the article to see how to enable this useful Mac OS X feature that isn’t otherwise available:

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