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Sunday, July 12, 2015

1610. iPhone Stuck

My iPhone is dead.  I just charged it.  Screen is blank.  Tried to power it on.  Nothing.  I pulled the Sim card.  Still nothing.  What can I do?

People sometime don't think of their phone like a computer.  Often you have to reboot or reset your PC and yes even your Mac.  Well your smartphone's aren't any different.  

The term reset can mean different things.  Basic restart, simple reset or sometimes erasing everything and starting over.

The basic restart most of you have done.  Hold the on/off button, when the slider appears to start slide it to the right.  Then hold the on/off button again and the apple icon appears and the phone starts.  This did not fix the problem Ken just complained about.  

The hard reset requires will restart the phone and clears memory.  Don't worry no data is lost.  Hold down the on/off button and at the same time press the Home button in the center bottom of the screen.  Hold them for the blank screen and even when you see the slider.  Finally the apple will appear and the phone will restart.  

If this doesn't solve the problem you may need to refresh the phone.  Because you will lose data we recommend you get some help with this step.  Yes call Apple or email us.

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