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Sunday, July 12, 2015

1612. Sync Windows desktop in the cloud.

I want to have my computers backed up in the cloud. Are there special things I need to do so my desktop, Documents, music folders are in the cloud and on my computer. How can I have a safe backup of my desktop and documents offline.

The quick answer is yes. We do not want to play favorites so we will mention the idea we recommend and some of the options you have to implement the idea.

First thing is we strongly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity to backup your critical files like your desktop and document, pictures, videos offline. It is so easy to do now. Like anything that you store offline (on the internet) you want to make sure it is secure and protected.

Today there are many services like Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, ZumaDrive, DriveHQ. Most are free but if you need "extra" store you may have to pay. If you have a Windows 8+ computer you get 1TB OneDrive from Microsoft for free. This is also available if you get the latest Office products.

We recommend that you get a service no matter what and use it. You can even get this type of service on your Mac.

Whatever the service you decide on it is very easy to set up the process. Each one will have their own instructions but most people can set things up without help.

Another benefit with this is if you have multiple computers or if you want to sync your data with your smartphone most services include this capability.

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