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Sunday, July 12, 2015

1614. Outlook Mail Profiles and You

I use a single copy of Microsoft Outlook both at home and at work, and I’d like to have my home and work email stored, displayed, and used separately—that is, I don’t want to see my work email at the same time as my home email, and vice versa. Is there some way I can segregate the two parts of my life and email?

Outlook definitely has you covered—it provides for distinct email profiles that allow you to work with specific email accounts. You can easily switch between profiles at the time you start Outlook, and you can set one or other of your profiles to be the default profile (that is, the profile Outlook loads at startup if you don’t specific a different one). A given profile can retrieve and display email from a single email account, or from multiple email accounts. For example, imagine that you have an Exchange email account for work, and both Gmail and Yahoo email accounts for home. One Outlook profile could interact with the Exchange email account, and the other could interact with both the Gmail and Yahoo email accounts. 

Check out this link for more details on how to set up profiles for Outlook.

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