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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1617. What to Do If Your Mac Won’t Boot

Recently, I tried to start up my MacBook Pro and it simply wouldn’t boot. All I saw was a grey screen. I can’t afford to lose all my work! Can I do anything with the computer?
This is really scary, isn’t it? It’s happened to a lot of Mac users, and a lot of them think the only alternative is to get a new computer! Fortunately, the solution usually isn’t nearly that drastic, and the answer might be really simple.
The Mac stores settings that can get “confused” and cause the computer to be unable to boot. It’s easy to reset two of these sets of settings, the PRAM (Parameter Random-Access Memory) and SMC (System Management Controller). Resetting each of these requires holding a specific set of keys as you boot the computer, but the steps are slightly different for laptops with and without removable batteries—rather than quote the steps here, we’ll refer you to a useful article that describes what to do in case your computer won’t boot. Rather than panicking, check out the steps listed here: Doug and Ken have both used these steps to revive seemingly dead Macs in the past—the steps just might work for you, as well! (If all else fails, think about calling Apple support, or visiting a local Apple store for more specific help with your computer. Don’t give up yet until you do!)

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