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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1619. Delete iPhone Backups

I store my iPhone and iPad backups in my iCloud account, and recently, I’ve noticed that my iCloud storage is almost full—sometimes, I can’t back up at all. What can I do without giving Apple money for more space?
We’re strong proponents of backing everything up, all the time. So congratulations to you for making the effort. Should you lose or break one of your devices, it should be relatively painless to restore all your data from your online backup.
The problem is that your free iCloud account only provides you with 5GB of data storage space, and that’s really not enough for many situations. (Note that although 5GB is free, 50GB costs only $1 per month, and that should be plenty to back up your entire family’s set of iOS devices! You can also get 200GB of storage for $3 per month. There are certainly cheaper plans out there, but Apple makes it so easy to back up its devices to iCloud storage, it’s worth considering the $1 plan if you’re running out of space in the free account.)

Although 5GB may or may not be enough space, it’s quite possible that you have backups stored in your iCloud account that you don’t need: Perhaps you upgraded your device and your old backup is still hanging out there, wasting space! It’s easy to remove extraneous backups to recover space, however: On your device, select Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, and examine the list of backups. If you find any that you don’t need, select the item, and tap on Delete Backup. These backups are quite large, and deleting one can help you clear out a great deal of space online!

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