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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1620. Disable Bing Search in Windows 10

I’ve got Windows 10 installed and when I perform a search in the start menu the results include everything in the world coming from a full Bing search. I don’t care much for Bing and all I really want to do is find stuff on my computer. Can I disable this extra search result information that isn’t helpful for me?

I found this confusing as well. I’m used to just using the start menu to find things on my own computer and suddenly I’m finding things all over the world which have no relationship with what I’m looking for. I have good news and bad news about disabling this search however. Yes, you can disable it, the bad news it you have to disable Cortana at the same time. Some people love her some people hate her but she is a voice assistance that is supposedly able to help you while using your computer. She sort of an invisible clippy, as it were. In any case, if you want to disable the Bing search you have to first disable Cortana in the settings and once you disable her, you have an option to also disable the Bing search as part of your start menu search button. Not the best solution but at this point it is the only way to get rid of that extraneous information. 

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