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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1621.Delete Windows 7 or 8 after Upgrading to Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 and I find that my old operating system Windows 7 is taking up a huge amount of space on my hard drive. Can I delete that to reclaim some space?

By default, Microsoft leaves the old operating system in a hidden folder so that you have the option to restore your computer back to its previous state if you find that you don’t like Windows 10. Amazing considering I’m sure Microsoft believes that everyone will love Windows 10. But the fact is you have the option of restoring your old version whether it be Windows 7 or Windows 8 because that huge folder exists. Once you have used Windows 10 for a while you may decide to get rid of that old stuff so you can reclaim the space. To do that, start the disk cleanup utility, you can do that just by selecting the start button or the Windows button in Windows and typing disk cleanup. This will give you the option to remove old operating system files. Once you do that however, be assured that you won’t be able to restore your computer to an earlier operating system unless you have a complete backup of the original state of your computer before you installed Windows 10. But once you are ready to pull the plug, go for it and you will get back 7GB or more of space.    

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