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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1622. Windows 10 Security Settings

I upgraded to Windows 10 and I like it so far but I have been reading in the press about a bunch of security settings that I need to examine for Windows 10 to make sure it is set up correctly for me. I went to the security settings and they made may head spin, there were something like thirteen different screens of information. Do you have some way to summarize these or something I can look at to make it easier to understand what I need to do?

The good news is there are many things you can do to control the security in Windows 10, however when you do the initial install you may be taken aback by some of them. There is fine print and you should review it so you can decide what security you can turn on or off. You can control details about things like location, tracking, advertising, browser history, creating a Microsoft account and using Cortana, the Microsoft assistant like Siri on the iPhone. The good news is you can control all of these settings unlike some other systems. So while you are installing Windows 10 or after you install it, you can change all of the settings in the settings section. The sections that are most important are personalization, privacy, accounts and updating security. As an example, in the privacy section you can change what applications have access to your location. We recommend you spend some extra time in your sections area of Windows 10 and take advantage of all of the options that will make your system safe and secure.

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