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Thursday, October 15, 2015

xxxx. Restoring back to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 , Vista, or XP from Windows 10

We will do an official tip on this next time but if you gave up and caved to the FREE Windows 10 upgrade and do not like it,  You can easily go back to your previous OS.   If you haven't taken our advise to using the Image backup functions of Macrium's Reflect or Acronis's True Image there is a built in RESTORE feature in the Windows 10 upgrade.

If for some reason and you were not able to select the Restore functions then you may have issues.  But I kknow you have followed our recommendations and did do the IMAGE backup.

If not here you are:

Have you tried to Restore?  Go to the Settings, Update & Security, Recovery, and chose an option. 

Or give these some review.  Good luck.  I had to have two out of 14 systems go back.  There wasn’t any problem, they just didn’t like it.  Most with Tablets or Touch Screens love it.   I like it regardless.  Tablets better than other. 


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