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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1613. Unintended Characters in Word Documents

I received a Word document in an email from a young person and I noticed it had a bunch of funny looking “J” characters scattered throughout it. I’m sure they didn’t type that character so what is going on, why am I seeing these funky characters?

You may even be sending these “J” characters without knowing it. The problem is related to Office programs and a missing font called Wing Dings. 

Actually, some Microsoft engineer decided to render that colon with the little parenthesis, that smiley face, as a smiley rendered in a specific font face when composing rich text documents or HTML email. All of that being said, if they person getting your email or if you don’t support rich text or HTML you may be seeing the “J” characters. 

Know that the person sending is usually being nice and accept them. To correct this in Outlook go to your File, Options, Mail, Spelling and Auto Correct and then click the Auto Correct Options. Set the Auto Correct to replace that colon, right parenthesis with a smiley face.

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