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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1626. Retrieve Sent Email

I can’t be alone with this problem, it happens to me all the time, I click the send button in an email and then, and just then I say, I didn’t want to send that email. There must be some way to retrieve a sent email or un-send an email. Any suggestions?

Fortunately Gmail has some un-send functions that are built into the browser so when using Gmail you have a tool already there. There also is an un-send add-in for Gmail called Boomerang for Gmail. 

For Outlook you can add a delay option to individual emails in the Delivery Option menu. If you want to do this delay for all emails in Outlook you need to install an add-in called Easy Email Merge, there is a link for this on our website. If you are real adventuresome, you might try setting your own rules in Outlook to delay emailing all mail. 

By the way, those rules that you can set up in Outlook are very powerful for both receiving and sending emails so that you can route inbound emails that have certain addresses. 

There are all sorts of capabilities in the rules for Outlook. Take look if you want to add some special features added to your Outlook.

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