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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1627. Use an Out-of-Date Phone as a Security Camera

I have an old iPhone that I’m not using anymore and it’s so old I don’t think I can even sell it. It has a camera, I should be able to use it for something; I think I would like to use it as a security camera in my home so I can watch my cats when I’m out of the house. Is there any way to do this?

Your Smart phone and your Android can be used for something other than just a paperweight. The best idea is to use it as a security camera. 

There are applications out there for free that allow you to do this but most of them require versions 5 or 6 of the iPhone. 

Other uses of older phones include bug tracking, another tool that you can make your phone into is the ability to actually control your home computer or audio system or you can make it into a really smart alarm clock. So, don’t throw out your old smart phone. 

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