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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1634. Nice computer just not enough space for anything.

A friend bought a new "super light weight" laptop for $200+. And now for $179.00. The problem is it just has so many space problems she it spending a whole bunch of time with technical support, it is just not worth it. Is there anything she can do? It is past the 30 day return policy.

Most of these new inexpensive computers do not have the ability to upgrade the main disk storage drive. If it does then the easiest option is to replace the original drive with the new larger storage capacity drive. If this is not possible many of these computers have alternative storage media. This can include Micro Ultra storage.  

These "drives are the size of your finger nail and you can interchange them. These drives are now able to contain 128GB and more. Make sure you check to make sure your computer can handle these large capacities. Our friends computer could handle 64GB drive and it is simple to install. Just plug it in. Then you want to make sure you point your USER files to store them on this drive so that you can free up space on your built in drive.  

Depending on the size of your user files this may be all you need to do. If you still need more space the easiest is to remove the Hybernate file. This is a file that stores complete images of your computer for hybernation. Most people never use this function. I recommend you turn Hybernation off. Do a simple search on turning off hybernation and you will get the simple instructions. So for a Micro disk for under $50 you can free up the congestion on your computer.

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