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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1635. Disk Failure

Another disk drive failure event. This is something to focus on with our winter months coming on (yes power failure). How can you protect yourself from catastrophic disk failure?

Ken - this is another backup tip isn't it.  

Yes it is. Backups are critical. Yes you can get cloud backup systems like Carbonite, Dropbox, and OneDrive and those can provide a compete drive replacement option. But are you ready to wait 4-5 days and pay $500.00 to get that drive replacement? Probably not.  

So as a solution to the 5 days and $500.00 cost spend about $125.00 now and have a solution that you can use to recover your drive in 1-2 hours. Yes you can even do the recovery, But if you need technical help you can find that help locally.  

Think of it like insurance $125 to give you piece of mind and maybe free recovery or another $150 to hire someone. Give this some thought and read the details in our blog on how to protect yourself from total data loss.

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